Take A Break 

If you are a close friend or you’ve known me for a while, you know I often take social media breaks. My breaks can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, it all depends on how I’m feeling about it. I like social media, it helps me stay connected with what’s going on in the world but if we are not careful, it can become a distraction.

I don’t usually plan ahead when it comes to these breaks, there have been a couple of times when I have felt like God wanted me to take a break (for specific reasons). I’ve also had days when I’ll wake up and I’ll have no desire to get on social media. It’s kind of random to just feel like that out of nowhere but it happens.

When I was younger, the idea of giving up social media for a few days was torture. I blame my younger self for some bad habits I picked up, like for example, whenever I’d wake up the first thing I would pick up was my iPhone. Believe it or not, it’s actually a habit I’ve learned to stop.

So why am I on here encouraging you to take a break? The answer is simple, you need it. There are a few reasons that push me to take social media breaks, I’ll share my top two with you in case you were wondering “Do I really need one”? What helps me when it comes to social media is monitoring myself. I have these warning signs I watch out for whenever i’m scrolling through social media.

The first thing I monitor is how much time I’m spending on my social media accounts. If I notice it’s cutting into my time with God or my personal time, that’s a sign that I really need to take a beak. It’s so easy to pick up our phones after a long day or when we are bored, I know I do it often, but when 5 minutes turn into 20 minutes, then we have a problem. Now, I’m a huge procrastinator and social media does not help when it comes to this! I’ve had to learn to balance my time when it comes to social media, because being completely honest, social media is a great tool, there’s so much you can do so having a healthy balance with it is a must!

The second thing I watch out for (and this is more of a heart issue) is making sure I don’t pay too much attention to what other people are doing. Quoting Marty from his song “The One About The Misfit”, “Instagram isn’t real, it’s just highlights”. There is so much truth behind that. It’s so easy to compare our life’s with others, social media has made this so easy now. We have to be very careful, it’s a dangerous area to step into (we will talk about this in another post). Keep in mind, most people won’t put the messy, dirty parts of their life’s for everyone to see.

Ok so now that I have shared that with you, if you’re thinking about taking a break, I recommend replacing social media with other things. Pick up a book, or get a hobby. Invest your time on something that is going to benefit you. I was reading an article online that mentioned people in the US, spend up to 5 hours a day on social media. 5 hours is a lot, think about all the things you could get done in 5 hours. This post isn’t meant for you to think social media is horrible, if anything it’s just a reminder that yes, we have given social media a little bit too much of our time and attention. Its a good discipline to delete our apps once in a while, I love doing it. So go ahead, disconnect for a while.


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Hi. I'm Steph! Thank you for visiting my Blog. I like to post about things I like, current life situations, life lessons and some of my innermost thoughts. One of my greatest desires is to help people see the value they don't see in themselves. Hopefully by my blog I will be able to do that! 💕

2 thoughts on “Take A Break 

  1. I know God is speaking to you everytime you post something because it’s always so relevant and spot on… I recently deactivated my facebook for this very reason. Well, this reason and more. You are an inspiration, Steph. For real. Keep it up. You’re an example… a light.

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