“Be excellent right where you are”

A friend told me i was going to have a lot of moments in my twenties where i would question where i was in life. “Am i doing enough?”, “Is God calling me to try something new?”, “Is where i’m at where i’m supposed to be?”. Growing up i thought i had my life planned out, (lets all take a moment to just laugh a little about that). I was sharing with a friend a few weeks ago how when i was in high school i was that person that would say stuff like, “As soon as i graduate, i’m going to college and i’m going to have my degree by the time i’m 24”. He literally looked at me and laughed so hard, at first i though, “okay, i get it”, he didn’t realize he was coming off a little wrong. After that we had a long conversation about God and how he wrecks with our plans (in a good way, although sometimes it doesn’t feel like that).

Last night sitting in a young adults service, i felt God speaking to me about some stuff i had been dealing with. The speaker said something that really stood out to me. “Be excellent right where you are”. I think too often we get discouraged because we might not be where we want to be. For example, it’s hard to embrace excellence when you’re stuck in a job you don’t really like. I honestly kinda like my job, but there are days when I feel like God reminds me that there is more he wants to do in me and through me, so i try not to get too comfortable there. For you it might be a town you’re living in, or your financial situation doesn’t really allow you to do what you really want to.

I know it might not feel like you’re getting anywhere, from my personal experience, i sometimes even feel like i’m stuck. I’m doing everything i can to try to achieve my goals but i still feel like i’m far from them. It’s in those moments where i remind myself that just because i might not be where i want to be, it doesn’t mean i’m not where i’m supposed to be. It’s crazy right? I’ve learned to not complain about where I am (it’s hard sometimes), instead i look around and i see the people God has placed around me and i make the most of what I have. I try my best to be excellent wherever i am in life. If i’m at work having to deal with difficult people (dealing with customers is pretty tough guys), or at my dream job, excellence will always be the goal!

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, i believe God has called you to be excellent right where you are. Whenever you start to feel overwhelmed or discouraged, refocus your thinking. Take a step back and acknowledge everything God is doing through you in this season. Stay in your lane, don’t try to get ahead of God. When you feel like you can’t see things moving, trust His heart! He’s shaping your character, he’s testing your patience, he’s teaching you lessons you need for the future.


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Hi. I'm Steph! Thank you for visiting my Blog. I like to post about things I like, current life situations, life lessons and some of my innermost thoughts. One of my greatest desires is to help people see the value they don't see in themselves. Hopefully by my blog I will be able to do that! 💕

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